Lasagne and chips

Being back on plan means I need to get serious about cooking properly once again. I’m at my parents house for dinner tonight and then I’ll be heading back up the road to London Town. 

Luckily my mum is also going to Slimming World so she will be thrilled with the sun free dinner I’m planning.  

Lasagne normally means an huge indulgence for me, with decadent sides such as chips and garlic bread. So I decided to make myself a nice syn free version to satisfy that indulgent side of me!

First off I made the mince with a ridiculous amount of ‘s’ veggies so that it could be eaten as a meal on its own after I’ve used it in the lasagne. 

I softened 300g of finely chopped onions in some frylight and a couple of tablespoons of water until they went translucent. Then in went 500g lean beef mince, stirred around until the beef was nicely browned off. Into the onion and beef mixture I added, 250g bell peppers, 300g courgette and 660g carrots all finely chopped. To add flavour, I then popped in 6tbsp of frozen mixed herbs (from Tesco), 6tbsp of frozen chopped garlic (also from Tesco), 500g passatta, 5tbsp tomato puree and 2 Knorr Rich Beef stock pots. To make sure the veggies cooked properly I also added an additional 400ml of water. 

Look at all that lovely ‘S’ food for the mince

This was all brought to the boil and then turned down to simmer until all the vegetables were cooked and the sauce was thickened and gravy like.

The mince needs to cool down a bit so while that’s cooling, I made the ‘white sauce’. Obviously a normal, lovely tasty bechamel sauce is totally out of the window as it is all syns! So, to get creative I went with quark instead. I love the stuff and use it in so much, it doesn’t have much taste on its own but it picks up flavour so well. I mixed 600g quark with one egg, 1tsp mustard powder and some salt and pepper. 

Once the mince was cool, I layered the the mince and white sauce with dried lasagne sheets. The final layer was the quark mixture and then topped with 200g lighter cheddar cheese. 

This was then popped in the oven at 200°C for 30mins. 

Alongside the lasagne, I put some SW chips in. Just cut up potatoes with plenty of frylight and some spices.  
While that was cooking, I chopped up some salad to boost the ‘S’ in the meal. I also made a quick balsamic salsa with tomatoes, pepper, onion and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Its just nice to add some different textures sometimes!

Fresh out of the oven

All plated up with that lovely ‘S’ food. Yum!


Here once again!

So, once again I find myself needing to start over.

It’s been a difficult year, I was diagnosed with chronic clinical depression and this had a huge impact on my eating habits as I felt completely out of control in pretty much every aspect of my life.

I have handed in my notice to a job that I loved due to a bullying boss, I am hugely saddened that I had to make that choice as I will miss my co-workers so so much. But as I have been told repeatedly in the last few months, I need to look after my health (mental and physical) first.

I will be moving back to my home town in the next few weeks so I might be a bit sporadic with the posting until I am all settled and home. However, this blog helped me keep on track before so I’m hoping it will again!


Seeing as I wasn’t at work today I had more time to make a yummy and filling breakfast/brunch to start as I mean to go on.

I had some left over cooked potatoes from dinner the other night. So I grated those up and chopped some onions, peppers and fat free bacon. All this got popped in a frying pan with a liberal spray of frylight. Once all the veggies were cooked up nicely and the potatoes were starting to brown and go crunchy, I poured two beaten eggs on top. Swirled this around the pan to cook most of the egg and then sprinkled 20g lighter extra mature cheddar on top. This was then thrown under the grill for the cheese to melt. Once that was all done it was just a case of plating up and enjoying!

It was lovely and exactly what I needed to kick start plan again!



Week Twelve – Day Five – Dinner (Spicy Chicken and Chips)

I was starving when I came home from work today (I have days like that, no matter how much I eat 😦 ) so I decided to make a syn free dinner which would fill me up and make sure I didn’t snack later 🙂

I still had some fat free greek yoghurt left over from the other day so I made a quick marinade for my chicken by mixing 2tbsp yoghurt and 2tbsp curry powder. I took my chicken breast and cut it in half lengthways to make two thinner pieces of chicken and covered them in the yoghurt mixture.

I also took one potato, peeled it and chopped it into chip shapes. These went on a baking tray and got liberally covered in FryLight and my homemade premixed ‘chip’ spice mixture (smoked paprika, garlic powder, oregano, salt and pepper). Popped into a hot oven for about 30mins.

I needed to add some ‘S’ foods to this so I sliced up some red onion, pepper and courgette to fry off in some FryLight.

Once the chips were about half way cooked, I added some FryLight to a non stick frying pan and put it on a high heat. I added the coated chicken to the pan and cooked it for a couple of minutes on each side until it was cooked through.

I made a little dipping sauce with some more of the yoghurt, mixed with salt, pepper and a little dried mixed herbs. This was a good alternative to a synned sauce such as mayo and was pretty darn tasty!

All in the meal took about 45mins but it was worth the wait and was a lot of food 🙂


Week Twelve – Day Five – Lunch (Vegetable Soup)

On Sunday I decided to do a bit of batch cooking in preparation for the week ahead.I actually didn’t get as much done as I had hoped but I did manage some soup for my lunches. I wanted cheap and cheerful for the week ahead as it’s still a few days until payday!

I took 100g of Morrisons Country Soup Mix (Country Soup Mix) and soaked it overnight (this needs to be done for at least 8 hours). This stuff only costs about a pound and adds a nice amount of protein and texture to soups and stews, it’s basically a dried mixture of pearl barley, split peas, lentils and beans.

The next day, I softened a large onion (finely chopped) in some FryLight then threw in a large potato (chopped in to small cubes), two large carrots (again chopped into small cubes), half a medium swede (small cubes!) and a large leek (sliced). The drained Country Soup Mix was next, along with a vegetable stock cube and then the large pan was filled with water. I set this to boil, after adding salt, pepper and some dried mixed herbs. This simmered for about 45mins to make sure the beans etc were all cooked through.

Once it was all done, I portioned it up and once cooled popped each individual portion in the freezer.

Then today, I took a frozen portion to work and used the microwave to heat it up come lunch time. Delicious and very filling.


Week Twelve – Day Three – Brunch (Veggie Omelette)

As the weekend is scheduled to be so lovely and I didn’t have any other plans, I decided to go and visit my parents, a couple of hours down the road in Wiltshire.

I was feeling a little disorganised when I left and completely forgot to have any breakfast! So, when I turned up at my parents house I was absolutely starving. They weren’t in yet, so I took it upon myself to raid their fridge (sorry mum if you’re reading this!) and make a quick brunch type snack to keep me going until they got back.

As expected, their fridge was much better stocked than mine!

I found a few veggies (red onion, pepper and courgette) and chopped them nice and finely. I softened these off with some FryLight and then added two beaten eggs. A generous dash of salt and pepper followed and then moved the veg around in the egg until the egg was almost cooked. Then I let it set on the bottom and brown slightly before folding and sliding onto my plate.

Took about 10mins all in and filled the whole I had stupidly left by forgetting breakfast!


Week Twelve – Day One – Dinner (Pork and veggie fried rice)

This afternoon, I snuck a few syns in as I really fancied some chocolate. I had a (very) mini Milky Way bar. I really enjoyed it and it kept me well within my syns for the day.

I wanted something quick and easy for my dinner as I was feeling rather lazy. So, a quick stir fry seemed like a good idea. I chopped a pork loin steak and rubbed some chinese five spice and garlic powder into it. This was fried over a high heat with FryLight, then I threw in a pre-prepared bag of stirfry veg and cooked it down a little bit. A splash of soy sauce and a dollop of oyster sauce along with some left over cooked rice to heat through. All in, it took about 15mins and was lovely 🙂


And there was enough left over that I’ll probably have it for lunch tomorrow 🙂